• Roll House Turkey
Switch® can now count one of the oldest and most popular bowling chains in Turkey as one of our valued customers. Roll House is a key player in the local industry and also hosts several International tournaments within Turkey at their many centres. They have entrusted us to fully refit and modernise one of their previously AMF-equipped centres. All AMF machines and scoring will be replaced by brand new Switch® ST-1 pinsetters and the newest software. We will also add Switch® ball returns, masking units, gutters and divisions to give the place a breath of fresh air. Additionally, Roll House has placed a further order for a fully Switch® equipped 12 lane centre in Ankara as well as another 12 lane centre in Isparta. 
  • Switch® launches HelpMe!
  • DEAL 2016 starts now!
It's time for the biggest entertainment tradeshow in the Middle East, DEAL 2016 in Dubai starts now!Switch® is there and ready to meet you! Come join us on booth D15-18 in Zabeel Hall no. 4, where we'll be ahppy to tell you more about all of our exciting Switch® ranges and bowling products.Learn more about Switch® Mini Series Circus at our booth! See you there soon!
  • Kung Hei Fat Chow!
Wishing you all a very Happy Chinese New Year! MAy the Year of the Monkey be prosperous, happy and healthy!
  • 38 lanes of Switch® equipment at the new Singapore Bowling
Saturday night saw the opening of Singapore's largest bowling alley, fully equipped by Switch®, the colossal 38 lane Singapore Bowling @ The Rifle Range in Temasek, Singapore! What a grand opening!      
  • IAAPA 2015 @ Orlando
This year's IAAPA show in Orlando has begun and it's shaping up to be the best show of the year. It is Switch's first time as exhibitors at this gargantua of a show. Thousands of booths dotted around an enormous space makes for some very interesting and exciting surprises to be had for all who visit.Our surprise this year comes in the form of a mega price-busting shock campaign! We've launched our $23'000 campaign now and it is out there for the world to discover! Anyone in Orlando this week, be sure to come visit our Sales team at booth 4778 at the Orlando Convention Center. We are so excited about the show, the connections to be made, partnerships to be discovered and shouting our newest campaign from the rooftops.Now's the time to invest, Switch® is taking care of your pocket. Switch® your expectations and buy now.   
  • New Switch® Puzzle Seating
Sometimes we all need a little more comfort in our lives. We’ve had a long day at work, school or home, and now it’s time for some relaxation.  So, the idea of having to stand around or sit on hard and uncomfortable seating while trying to enjoy a night out bowling with friends and family is not the most welcoming one. The new Switch® Puzzle seating will not only keep your customers happy and comfortable, playing one or two games more than they might have done. But, will also give your centre a whole new appeal, modern, sleek furniture in a huge range of colours which comes in multiple modules and can be shifted into many different shapes to suit your centres. It creates a unique look and style and is so adaptable that it will work in any space.
  • New Switch® Bowler’s Console
Gone are the days of oversized, unexciting bowlers consoles. The Switch® Bowler’s console comes in the format of a modern Tablet and makes everything so much easier and sleeker. Not only will it be a more handy tool without taking up any extra space, but there will be so many features on there that will allow the customers to make more of their bowling experience from a swipe of the tablet; from editing their bowler profiles and viewing statistics, to ordering food and drinks to even placing a video call to the front desk staff. Modern technology for modern times means more happy customers and therefore happier centre operators. 
  • NEW Switch® Bowl App
Introducing the soon to be released Switch® Bowl App, available on iOS and Android. This innovative new App will be a great tool for bowlers and centre managers alike. With exciting features tied in to social media, bowlers will be able to share their bowling experience in more diverse and dynamic ways than ever before. Switch® bowling centre operators will be able to connect to anyone in their area who has downloaded the App and share upcoming events, promotions and so much more. Switch® Bowl App opens up a brand new dimension for the modern bowler. 
  • SEA Games 2015 Singapore
The 2015 South East Asia Games are in full swing at the Switch® equipped 36 lanes Orchid Country Club centre in Singapore. It's looking good!