Centre Maintenance Products

To help keep your bowling centres in top notch condition,  here are some of the products we currently sell to help with the maintenance.


Kegel Crossfire Lane machine

The Kegel Crossfire lane machine cleans and conditions a lane in just over one minute. It features an on-board keypad for easy programming, four pre-set programmes for lane play flexibility and three drive speeds. The compact machine uses a spray-jet cleaner application and a fresh cleaning cloth on every lane.

LDX REV 22 Lane Conditioner 100% solids Conditioner System

  • 100% Solids formulation
  • No solvent evaporation
  • Resists migration caused by reactive balls, track flare, etc.
  • Made with lighter base oils to allow superb wick flow
  • Remains cleaner than other products
  • Blendable
  • Lightweight
  • Tracks well
  • Wicks easily in virtually all equipment
  • Consistency guarantee
4 x 4.73 liters (1.25 US Gallons) / box



LDX ELITE HD Lane Cleaner

LDX Elite Heavy Duty Cleaner is recommended for use in vacuum lane cleaning equipment, and should NOT be used when cleaning a bowling lane by hand.

  • Heavy Duty water based formulation
  • For use in all types of lane cleaning equipment
  • Leaves no film or residue
  • Economical dilution ratios
  • Safe for all types of lane surfaces and finishes
  • Can be used as a general purpose cleaner in other areas of the bowling center


2 x 9.46 liters (2.5 US Gallons) / box




LDX Lane Duster Cloth 9460

LDX Lane Duster Cloth is recommended for use on the LDX Lane Duster Unit. The plastic adapter guarantees that the ratchet mechanism on the lane dusting unit advances the lane duster cloth. This provides clean lane duster cloth for use on the next lane. The procedure is then repeated for all lanes in the center.

Fits this equipment:

  • LDX Lane Duster Unit
  • Brunswick Duster (newer models)
  • Brunswick Kustodian
  • Brunswick Authority 22
  • Century 100/ALD/Quick Silver
  • Century Hot Duster
  • DBA Excel/Arrow/Dart/Lane Walker/Lane Walker LCM
  • DBA Phoenix/Phoenix-S/Kustodian/Sanction Standard/
  • DBA Strip’n Dust
  • Kegel Sanction II/Standard AC/Elite
  • Kegel Crossfire
  • Kegel Firebird
  • Kegel Kustodian
  • Kegel Kustodian Plus
  • Kegel Kustodian Ion
  • Kegel Kustodian Walker
  • PA Champion



3 Rolls / box 

width: 109,22 cm (43”) 

length: 49,38 m (54 yd.)